Awning Windows Ottawa

Awning Windows Ottawa

Overhang windows open up from the base permitting a more prominent air dissemination into your home, yet can likewise go about as a canopy to keep the downpour out. These windows are an ideal match among usefulness and appearance. Their reasonable properties and usefulness make overhang windows a colossal accomplishment among our clients.

Awning Windows Installation Ottawa

Shade windows can be introduced independent to make a sensational impact. They can likewise be utilized in mix with our proper windows to assemble a really agile picture window. Our overhang windows have a similar energy-saving properties and quality provisions as our Casement windows.

Awning Windows

Overhang windows open and close without a hitch and with next to no work! The most extreme noticeable glass region gives upgraded outside perceivability.

This is a genuinely adaptable window, which is extremely simple to perfect and simple to keep up with. The shade window opens from the base out – which keeps downpour from entering yet gives most extreme wind current into a room.

Awning Windows Features and Benefits

  • Easy-clean, removable overlap internal screen
  • Strong fusion-welded frame and sash corners keep cold air out
  • Multi-chambered design insulates and prevents condensation
  • Drainage channels on exterior sash, not visible from inside
  • Triple co-extruded weather-strip sealing for added insulation value
  • Interior glazing system with flexible sash seal eliminates leaks
  • Locking system provides additional security
  • Reliable hardware for effortless operation
Awning Windows Energy Star Zone