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There are many advantages to vinyl windows. They are economical and popular alternative to wood, aluminum or Fiberglass windows. Vinyl windows are energy efficient, easy to install and maintain. Vinyl Windows are manufactured in a selection of styles and colours to meet customer requirements.

The most distinguished advantage of vinyl windows is an excellent degree of insulation, making them the best choice for especially cold or warm climates. Vinyl keeps the heat in during winter but seals your rooms from outside heat during summer, reducing your cooling and heating cost. Vinyl as a material is not a conductor of heat and cold, and hollow chambers within the frame provide thermal barriers that further block heat transfer.

Vinyl Windows Installation Ottawa

After replacing your existing windows with vinyl, you will likely return replacement costs in energy bills in a few years. When paired with triple-paned glass, the savings could be significant. The windows are even recyclable if you are concerned about the environmental impact.

Vinyl windows don’t require any future maintains after installation. Vinyl windows will last much longer than aluminum or wood windows. Vinyl windows resist stains, dirt, mold, scratches, and dents. The exterior casing won’t fade or wear under ultraviolet sunlight.

Style and color varieties plus fast and easy installation represent other advantages of vinyl windows. You can choose how many panes your windows have, how they open, the width of the sill or trim, and their locking mechanism. Vinyl windows come in different designs and they can be coloured to match any personalized look. They are inexpensive to manufacture and install. Let’s just say they’re the standard you should find in most houses nowadays.

Why Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl has become one of the most popular window frame material for its unique blend of style, high-performance and convenience. High-quality and energy-efficient vinyl windows deliver great return of investment through energy saving, as well as through being a low maintenance product. Vinyl windows will serve you for many years without the need to be repaired or refinished.

Energy Efficient

Vinyl windows is a desirable material for homeowners, builders and sub-contractors because of their outstanding thermal performance. Window Mart pays a lot of attention to energy-efficiency in vinyl windows. We use Low-E glass, warm-edge spacers and window frame with unique air multi-chamber system to improve energy-efficiency of our windows.

Unlike aluminum windows – which conducts heat rapidly – vinyl windows do a better job at reducing heat loss and maintaining a comfortable environment inside a house all year round.

The quality and energy-efficiency of vinyl windows can vary. It depends on various factors, such as manufacturing, glazing, frame material, insulation, and many others. Always look for the ENERGY STAR symbol to make sure that you’re getting energy-efficient windows. You can also compare key metrics, such as U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and energy rating.

Professional installation is a major factor in determining the performance and ROI of the vinyl windows. If air is allowed to pass around the frame, then even the most energy-efficient and high-quality vinyl windows will lead to problems.